Preventing Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse

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Like broken glass, the shattered pieces of my mind fall into different directions. I try, but I will never be able to put them back together, precisely the way they were before. Some may be mended,
Two Minutes Every year, there are more and more damaged humans, from every age, race, gender, and places. Those predators are shameless and ruined
People say get over it, People say it will get better, But only people who have been through it understand, That's why I am writing this letter. This isn't easy to live through, The constant wanting,
I remember the first time you did it The first time you made me feel like my body was no longer my own I remember the first, second, and third time you made me bleed or when I would hold back tears so you wouldn't call me weak and then you would b
Girls girls girls Swirl swirl swirl Too young to understand My hand Her hand  Her mouth This world    A Scottish perv My mother heard
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