Until it happens to you

People say get over it,
People say it will get better,
But only people who have been through it understand,
That's why I am writing this letter.
This isn't easy to live through,
The constant wanting,
Or wishing to forget,
But the memories are haunting.
No one knows the pain I go through everyday,
The memories that remain,
But the man that did it to me
Doesn't deserve the fame.
I am sure he wouldn't regret anything
Probably deny it all,
But even then,
It's me who will continue to fall.
Worrying he will do it to someone else
Or come back
But telling someone won't help
And it's help that I lack.
I refuse to tell anyone the full story
Because there is nothing they can do
So I am stuck
And can never get through.
It wasn't just once
He did it a lot,
And growing up I didn't know it was wrong
So I never fought.
It was something I thought your dad was supposed to do
And that it was the way he showed he cared,
But no one ever warned me
So I was never prepared.
I stay silent when others talk about their experience
While I still hurt over mine,
Everyone says it wasn't that bad
So I continuously say I am fine.
But I am not....
When will I be?

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