past life

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There's an intangible outside force that consumes me. It's dark, fierce, and rugged. I become enveloped by it, wrapped in its jaws, as I aimlessly fall into its deep, boundless abyss. 
They say you're nothing special. The ache in your bones says they're wrong.
I dreamed a dream of a little girl in a yellow dress She was dancing with the white roses Her feet running gaily Her arms twirling as if she was a ballerina She turned to smile at me….
There was once a time of sorrow. She had a lot of fears. Life was hell, and a constant reminder of the cause of her tears.   Nights were particularly bad, the darkness surrounded,
I meet a man today. I have known him before. Maybe it was in a past life. He was a simple man of simple means yet he knew of the world. He knew about its wonders and its horrors.
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