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Pushed over the edge I fight just to keepmy own sanity always pointed out what I do wrong or what I haven't done I try hard but maybe not hard enough Why isn't she proud? Why am I not good enough?
Sometimes I envy those Those stick skinny creatures Some call goddesses Humans, not felines Who walk the cat walk They have two faces, But one body Click, flash, print
Unprepared for whats to come...not asking forgiveness for what ive done   living life like if theres no consequenses... ending up like this was not my intention  
I look in the mirror My smile fades Disgust overwhelms me  As I go through each day Why am I living? Why am I here? Just to disappoint Living with fear I'm never good enough
A wound that can't heal A pain I always feel Like the blood won't stop flowing The chant keeps on going Not good enough Not good enough
Crimson blood Trickling down my pale arm like a Small waterfall flows into a sparkling stream: A feeling so great, it's peculiar that one could possess such an enotion.
What do you want from me? Why is it I never seem good enough? Questioning eyes, A skeptic glance, "Uh huh, yeah, sure..."
I've got my own issues. Not the kind of issues that girls have with their own bodies, Or the kind that are openly discussed. No. My issues are on the inside and are like secrets hidden in a box.
Hello My name is Sarah I live on the edge of nowhere Somewhere between my dreams and my reality My age doesn’t apply I’m growing older every second Yet losing an eternity every time I grow older
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