Councious sin


Unprepared for whats to come...not asking forgiveness for what ive done


living life like if theres no consequenses... ending up like this was not my intention


loosing it all for temporary happiness...aware that when its gone its just plain emptiness 


thinking of thoughts that ruin everything around... scared of the outcome of this road I have found 


the path of destruction is what I choose to take... dying inside still I dont change my ways


in the beginning it decieved me with with the image of dream I sit here sinking in a desert of quick sand


if I dont get out soon my worst fear will be reality... nd everything evil will be all that surrounding me


i ask my self the questions which I know the answers too... is everything the world gives worth what I could loose


I pray only mercy on my judgment to come... ill cry till I sleep till my life here is done


who in there right mind stares at death with a grin cause thats what im doing as im drowning in sin 


whispering to myself it will all be alrightn... lying to myself for im lost in the night


wow this is as real as can b im here without God dying with no peace 


indescribable almost unberable time is being stolen refusing to let it go I

mistakes make a person bt they can also be ur down fall I guess my last mistake was the reason for it all


I can only hope it gets better for me bt I know what I must do until then im not free


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