Will You Take Me?


United States
41° 39' 0.1404" N, 73° 20' 7.7964" W

My name is Sarah
I live on the edge of nowhere
Somewhere between my dreams and my reality
My age doesn’t apply
I’m growing older every second
Yet losing an eternity every time I grow older
I’ve been through years of notes in a class
Of books
Of laughs
Of failures
And of slightly more than failing attempts at perfection
I’ve suffered through long miles
I’ve dove into deep, dark, and familiar puddles
My life can be summed up in a word
It’s all I know.
It’s all I can do.
I can say that I’ve been
Class President
A member of every possible club
A student involved in all there is
A volunteer at one local organization to another
Overloaded... and for what
I can tell you every thing
But I’d only be trying.
If try is all I do
If my success is limited
But I continue to try
And try
And try
Is that enough?
Would you take me?
Or do I need to continue?
Must I drown before I can be welcomed to your exclusive club?
Then will I be accepted?


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