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Wanting what you can’t have Enough to drive you crazy Feelings getting stronger And now it’s scary Fear of rejection Show remorse When I ask if you want this When I go for the last kiss
Love is a challenge, but it’s worth it for you Because I love the way you smile and do the things you do You understand my flaws and love me despite I wish I met you earlier, I do with all my might  
Will you please help me with this puzzle teach me how to kickbox
Maybe there was never just one reason I fell in love with you   Maybe it was a hundred little things - 
You're different. From any other guy I've been with. Guess I just needed adjustment. Even though that was never my intent. I plan to stick to you like lent. 
It is during waking hours that you simmer on the back burner. Softly existing Gently rolling Around On my tongue In my mind
When you look at me,  you see what I want you to see.  I show you more than I show the others,  with them I hide behind the shutters of my eyes.  You see me through the rain,  you see through my pain. 
I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,another half to make my heart whole.
Woman:                                                                         Man: I am a girl                                                                   I am a boy
Is it wrong of me to be jealous that you loved them first? It’s probably silly. I loved before you. But, I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had been with you all along.
Did love naught ever come this way for thee? Or did love take captive thou soul to slay? Faults rarely seen in love – blind cannot see. Buds of love’s young spring never dreamt this day.
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