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Let our hearts be strong, Let our minds be strong, Let our souls be strong; As strong as our leaders, As our people, Who sacrificed themselves for us Who sacrificed themselves for future,
He whispered something to me yesterday He said that "my kind" was something he wouldn’t even want to step on   His arms crossed, shielding his mind
GOD is pretty great Founding fathers agreed to Trust a lot in Him   RACISM is bad No one really thinks it's cool Please let's stop it now   EQUAL are all men 
The cheers, the sneers, the constant fears A country divided into these groups brings some to tears When freedom is exclusive, and for too many it's elusive Those cheers fall on deaf ears
Question one. How did Nazi Germany rise to power? A) Religion B) Scapegoating C) Nationalism D) All of the above.  
Beyond the shadowy, pitch-black night, A new morning's beacon begins to ignite, Now dawns a day in which you will see, The people's will has set them free.   For all I want to give this nation,
A sea of dead bodies Lay on a blood-stained field. The dead are nothing but a memory. The last one standing is the winner.  The one who kills all the others- He is called The Hero.
A lady at the store once called me A Great American Beacuse I gave her an extra discount Patriotism
With the power to change, I would change power. The people have to struggle while our leaders just cower.  Few enjoy all the blessings of wealth,
Have you ever had apple pie? If not I suggest you give it a try.
  1852. Where am I? What is this strange land that we happened upon? I clutched my mother’s hand tightly, Nearly doubling over, At the stench of a strong sense of nationalism, And pride,
a little over a second, a minute over an hour ago, They called us, a little over day, a week over a month ago, They called us, a little over a year, decades over centuries ago, They called us the future
I am from beloved dolls, from bubble wands and crabapple trees. I am from bright colors and playful spirits,Bookshelves and stacked boxes. I am from dandelions and low-branched trees.
The truth lies the best. For example, Your textbook says he died as a challenger of the lady giant, welcomed to the American Coliseum, but sir, that is not quite the case. He died
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