Silence the hate to be great

Sat, 03/18/2017 - 11:32 -- nirnsd

The cheers, the sneers, the constant fears

A country divided into these groups brings some to tears

When freedom is exclusive, and for too many it's elusive

Those cheers fall on deaf ears

As an even greater worry nears


The land of the free, the home of the brave

Chauvinists and populists continue to make waves

In a country that is great in so many ways

But its freedoms elude far too many today


The hate directed at Muslims, women, immigrants, and Jews, it's not exclusive

For those groups and others, the American dream of acceptance is elusive

Discrimination, hate, and unfair pay

The oppression is real, but too few of the men in power say, "Hey!"


Being a white male is easy in a country founded by my kind

It's a stroll in the park, never watching your behind

But with that privilege comes guilt that so many don't seem to mind


It's frustrating, flipping on a TV daily and seeing acts of hate

When "Patriots" continue to extol a country they claim is great


If taken at their word, our founding fathers did right

Guaranteeing freedoms and protections for all in sight

They gave us freedom to criticize; protest; preach, and fight for our rights

The document reads like the great emancipator for people who didn't see a light


Now, 240 years later, we're neglecting their vision

Ben Franklin and John Adams wanted a free land for all, but no, plutocrats have made a decision

To squash the rights, one by one, of minority groups

Our president has even threatened to send in his troops


This is the country I know

This is the country I like

But our America and the one the Constitution describes are not alike

That caveat, that feeling of guilt, won't disappear until this land is dreamlike


American can be great

It possesses many of the traits

Right now, though, this land isn't great

For in our country today, there's just too much hate

This poem is about: 
My country


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