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The man signs the contract With a pen full of blood A snap and it's gone He sits up and looks towards the sky In a dark office, the CEO resigns The ruler of the Underground is a buisness man
Through the steam of the day and the heat of the night, Horrid scents a mist and sounds to give you a fright. It’s told a creature lies in wait for its prey to arrive, To feed on their screams while they beg to survive. With hair that pricks like
Storms and rain race thy heart Chasing typhoons day to day Quickly Poseidon must depart Whirling winds are his prey   Gales slowly whirling around Whistling rushing past his ear
In the midst of winter I hear them cry, For all the nights I have said goodbye. Let thy heart rest on mine, as I will fill it with red wine. With every touch of passion, my skin has all the answers,
In a modern world the gods would rule the school  Zeus would be the head quarterback  He would be the guy girls swoon over  Aphrodite would be a hopeless romantic 
Dark it was, all around Zero light and zero sound And there sat Psyche, anxious and afraid At the horrible mistake she might have made Reading back through her texts, scrolling back through her phone
So there I was sitting down, Locker room was full. And out of nowhere he came round, Like he owned the school. I walked up and he pushed me,
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