Eros and Psyche

Dark it was, all around

Zero light and zero sound

And there sat Psyche, anxious and afraid

At the horrible mistake she might have made

Reading back through her texts, scrolling back through her phone

Her eyes, they laid on the solemn and lone


There was nothing next.

"Dear Psyche, I like you"

Her hair she did so lightly chew

"Meet me, my dear, on the wall"

She looked down to confirm, with fear she might fall

"At midnight, wait for me at midnight"

In this dark there was no light

She waited.

Among the trees surrounding her

The crickets chirped their quiet chirr

A ruffle

A scuffle

And there he was

This handsome boy made her heart buzz

His bright blue eyes and light blonde hair

Made her ever so aware

Of her acne and her messy hair

He stepped close and his shy gaze

Turned slightly aways

Making him look even cuter.

"My dear crush, I hate to ask"

"But do you even like me back?"

Her heart abuzz, her mind wary

Made this very very very


She said back, "Yes I do"

"Although I've never seen you."

His gaze turned back to her

And his shy smile melted her

Stepping closer, careful careful

He gets up on the wall besides her

She lets him

Leans into him

He wraps an arm around her

And they listen to the quiet chirr

And the still moon above them shines her light down.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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