Aphrodite and I would be best friends


Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

In a modern world the gods would rule the school 

Zeus would be the head quarterback 

He would be the guy girls swoon over 

Aphrodite would be a hopeless romantic 

Dissappointed by the worlds lack of desire for love 

Foolish humans not knowing the value of love 

Ares would be the burnt out kid 

Who picked on the other kids and high school and acted too cool for school 

He’d be the boy girls like Aphrodite would swoon over

Apollo would be a choir and musical nerd 

Full of hope and ambition for his future as an artist 

But life oh cruel cruel life where gods to not rule 

Poor Apollo would be crushed by other people telling him 

His dreams and ambitions are a little too unrealistic 

Be a doctor or something realistic people will tell him 

Eros would sadly go unoticed by Aphrodite 

Both would cease to cross paths

Not knowing the other exists 

Athena would be the smartest of her class 

The gods and goddess would not do well in a modern world 






This poem is about: 
Our world


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