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I knew he would be bad for me.I knew his gentle touch would one day make me bleed. Shining barely out of reach.I prayed for him to see me, waiting patiently.
Medusa, With her sweet words and flaxen curls, soft skin and kind eyes, Was beautiful, ethereal in her manner and dress, memorable in the minds of all who met her. And this was her downfall.
I am not afraid  Of a mirror And its backward ways I am backwards Myself So we are alike   I see it in the corner
Oh nymph Oh nymph Take a picture with your flower crown Take a picture of your flower garden Don't forget your flowery, flowy dress Don't forget your cherry lip gloss
Walking, hurting, body aching facing demons  in a quest Trials and  trials continue approaching each on reeks of death   Through each trial a voice is heard
As times change and myths are sculpted we see the gods once reverred move alongside humanity, evolving and ever-adjusting to our trends, culture, and norms.   Apollo, the god of healing,
You come to me and ask me why Why I’ve become the big great eye Of a place where authority is no longer important I am here to make them weak at the knees My name is medusa Ruler of this new world
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