mass shootings

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We lived with the land. One day strangers came, wearing garments in which they could not hunt or gather food. How do they sustain themselves?
Heat from the pavement dries the bloodThe chalk gets washed out by the floodThe people pass graves like it's nothingAnd it isn't,because the world forgets and moves onIt's this way across the world,
How many more newscasts before we decide it's enough? How many more broken parents and friends before we choose to make a change?  How many more children need to die before anyone can say goodbye? 
How many times, Do we have to die? How many times, Does our blood have to fall? How many times, Will mothers bury their children?
“When a school bell rings!” RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! There goes the bell for the first period of my high school monotony Yet, with each shattering clang of metal, my heart beats faster
Ruined plans. Evil at work. Suicidal, sober, and stardom. Torture, terror, and triumph. Irreplaceable. None can escape. Pistols and pills. Elders and young. Admiration and apathy.
28 That's how many shootings have happened In my 17 years of life   28 That's how many times I've watched Faces and names scroll across screen Lives lost, loved ones heart broken  
The innocence and naivety of youth Before you come to realize the dismal truth That everything is dying before your eyes And that the government does nothing but denies
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