Mon, 10/02/2017 - 22:04 -- SSkies


That's how many shootings have happened

In my 17 years of life



That's how many times I've watched

Faces and names scroll across screen

Lives lost, loved ones heart broken



I've watched the record of

Largest mass shootings

Raise as I grew

One, I watched my LGBT siblings

People just like me

Gunned down

Two, I read of a shooting

That took the life of a family friend

He had gotten married a few months before



That's the number of times I've seen

People fight over weither or not

The law of America should be


Seen crowds calling for change

And crowds for laws to stay the same



A number that's sure to rise as I grow

A number that will haunt me

A number that seems to be not enough

For people to realize there is something

Wrong with the system that never worked

In the first place

This poem is about: 
My country



This comes in wake of the mass shooting of Las Vegas.

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