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There has been a monster in the mirror Her stormy gray eyes Flicker with fright Yellow chipped teeth Hide behind paper thin lips Ghost like skin With veins so blue Wrapped around a frame
Beer bottles flood the floor Bricks bruise my sunk-in face Fake smiles hide the pain Hammer flying towards her face Murderous screams attack the air Agony, shaking, hunger pains
All of the pain comes flooding back As my memories attack Angry tears fall from my eyes As I hear your distant cries
Do you know what it's like To be an outcast Caught somewhere between Wanting to fit in But not will to be One of them?
My eyes are getting heavy My body’s falling asleep But my mind keeps on reaching For a truth I cannot see It’s out there somewhere so far away Or is it in my chest so close to home?
Sensitive Doesn’t give a damn Tough Isn’t afraid to cry Loyal Isn’t always there Love Isn’t always perfect
i shouldn't but i do i trust i love i believe only to lose once again
I force down another bite Pack on another pound My friends push me to the edge “You’re pretty, but much to skinny.” So I eat and eat and eat Not because I’m hungry But ashamed of what I’ve become
quite {doesn't} mean(s) crazy crazy {doesn't} mean(s) distance distance {doesn't} mean(s) make believe make believe {doesn't} mean(s) fake fake {doesn't} mean(s) makeup makeup {doesn't} mean(s) sexy
Let’s pretend for a moment, Let’s say I like you, and you like me We fall in love, A life of simplicity
Hush little baby don’t say a word Or daddy’s gonna shoot you like a mocking bird If that little wound don’t hurt like a bi*ch Daddy’s gonna abandon you on a roadside ditch
I’m throwin' my hand in I’m done with your games Don’t care if the next one’s Better Cause I’m tired Of the cold hearted Cheatin' and Lyin' It’s gettin' kinda old now A player
I can never love you Because you hurt me One too many times But I will always love you Because at one time You were mine And I was yours, Or so I thought You never told me
A Sharpie hanging in the air Taunting me from your fingertips Just the knowledge that it’s there Is enough to put me on edge You laugh as I slip it from your hand Knowing I just let you lure me in
Most girls dream of being prom queen I dream of being asked to prom Most girls dream of true love I dream of a simple happiness Most girls dream of living in a mansion I dream of living in house without wheels
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