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i want to write so much about you Ma,i just don't know where to begini don't want to wait till it's mother's day or women's day or even your birthdayso that i a acknowledge how much you mean to me,
she's gorgeous the girl of my dreams. she doesn't know it and it makes me wanna scream. everytime I see her my heart slows down stops pounding, trying to rip out of my chest. the world makes me hurt
For whatever reason this person seemed right in every way. For whatever reason, this being walked in to my life and made it amazing. It's almost like everything before him was worth it to feel this. This beautiful feeling.
Cold. Until you walk back into my world. My warmth revolves around your surreal, earth-colored eyes and the heated stare you linger on my face. Busy. I'm so busy, but not really.
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
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