It's Almost Like You Were Always Mine.

For whatever reason this person seemed right in every way.

For whatever reason, this being walked in to my life and made it amazing.

It's almost like everything before him was worth it to feel this.

This beautiful feeling.

The feeling of choking on a smile.

My heart feels light, like all the weights of the world fell out of my chest and 

off my shoulders.

I don't understand why this beautiful person was sent to me with an

innocent smile and new blue eyes.

I held this small, fragile, seemingly perfect human in my arms.

I took him with care and promsied him the world.

And I would slave my whole life away just to make him successful.

I'd give the world to you, Zephyr. 

I'll keep you warm even when our mother will not.

I will treasure you. 

Be successful for you.

Be brave for you,

and provide the childhood I never had to you. 

I will be for you, who I needed as a child. 

And I will give all my heart and soul to benefit you.

And I'll break my back to see you happy,

Because I love you..

This poem is about: 
My family


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