Until You Walk Back


Until you walk back into my world.

My warmth revolves around your surreal, earth-colored eyes and the heated stare you linger on my face.


I'm so busy, but not really.

My body keeps moving at super-sonic speeds so that my mind doesn't have to think about you being away.


I know I shouldn't be.

I know that's not the way, but I can't help but worm away from the people that tell me that they know how badly I miss you.


But not in my brain.

Inside of me I scream and cry until I am so tired that I can't feel anything.

I don't mean to be so pathetic. I can be strong, I promise. 

I mask it with a smile everyday, though sometimes it does leak out like water tumbling through cracks in a sharp, broken rock.

I wouldn't have this any other way. It is just the price that we pay.

You are following your dreams, Mr. Marine, and I will be right here when you return.



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