life changing

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<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
The poetry that has most affected me is that which is set to melody. Lyrics of metal, pop, and psalm give me the strength to carry on They settle my mood improving my attitude,
Can you hear it? Can you hear the song?
Dis not no fury tail I ain't live no perfeck life I start'd drinkin wen I wuz 8 Mi moms was drunk and gave me da wrong cup I lik'd the warmnis it gav me since we ain't had no heet
One decision, one dream, one job The one job that will change my life forever For the better, I believe
There is no greater testimony than the first bath a soldier takes after she’s just come home from a long war. The story you tell when this world expects you to stop speaking.  The moment you walk after you’ve just been paralyzed.
In one minute my life can change In one minute an innocent person can be put in chains In one minute your life can pass you by In one minute you could die In one minute I can see the ugly past
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