One Decision, One Dream, One Job


One decision, one dream, one job

The one job that will change my life forever

For the better, I believe

The decision to serve in the United States Air Force The dream to not only become an Officer, but

to become a pilot and serve my country

The decision to rise above the average person and take a step towards greatness

Where I become part of one big family instead of a single individual

For now on I will be depended on by others

Be there for my country and my peers no matter what, when, or why

The decision I made to live the life most may never have the chance to sustain

The struggles I will face through basic training, missed holidays and family celebrations, and most

sadly the possibility of losing friends throughout my journey

In a matter of time, the surreal image my mind has only dreamed of will soon become a reality

The chance to prove to myself I am capable of fighting for freedom

The time I spend away from home will only make me stronger

It will make me grateful for the opportunities I have been given so far

As hard as it will be, I am ready for it

Ready to start the next chapter of my life that I have been waiting to reach

The job that will change my life forever and for the better

As a United States Air Force Officer and Pilot



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