Dis not no fury Tail


Dis not no fury tail
I ain't live no perfeck life
I start'd drinkin wen I wuz 8
Mi moms was drunk and gave me da wrong cup
I lik'd the warmnis it gav me since we ain't had no heet
But mi head hurted too and put me to sleep
At skool I was lafed at cuz my close wur torn and cuz I smelled weerd
Mi only frend cameesha tol me I got to get bettr close or she wont be mi frend no more 
Wen we went to the mal I stol close and shoos n put 'em in mi buk bag
I lik'd lukin gud but I didn like steelin 
I sold mi ass for cash wen I wuz 12 
I quit skool soon afta
Fo 4 yeers strait I hookerd 
Bi dat tim my folks got kiked outta dey hous
N I staid at a homless hom fo kids
I broke down wen I saw familis lovin on each oter
I wantd 1
A luv to
Dis lady usta cum on mi corner
She usta say let god sav me
I ne'er lisen'd to her til I didnt wanna be sad no mo
I went to church 1 day n the man said I wuz reborn 
He lemme sta at his hous
He clofed me
And feed me 
We wen to church almos evriday
He tauht me how to ad and subtrac, how to speek and to write
When I was 20, He helped me get my GED and into college 
I was humble and thankful that God placed him in my life
I knew that one day I will pay him back
However, that day will never come
He died
I am now 24
It is my graduation day
Because I have the highest GPA, I have to speak
I approach the podium with tears in my eyes
And began my speech by saying 
"This isn't a fairy tale and I haven't lived a perfect life"


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