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We swing back and forth Gently from the breeze passing us by I take in a deep breath of you Trying to memorize every aspect And everyday, I thank God deeply for letting me have these moments
Shift in cognition Frigid delusions take hold Autumn of the mind        Concept Artist: Jimmy Law
I wake up in the late night cold,  and my head is reeling I am not supposed to be here, this is not my home Like a man with no face, to the patrons I’m a stranger
It's 1 am I'm wide awake 
TO BE VAIN:    How hard is it to understand one’s true intentions?   Faced with different interpretations, what is sky blue may be turquoise or teal.  
Fragments of memories come back in flashbacks as I lay in bed at night. Pictures of happiness and hurt. Joy and pain.  Love and loss. The good and the bad. 
My body is so tired, but my mind can find no rest.  I lie awake at the darkest hours, fighting the demons in my head.    They poke and prod at my skin  as I wander the earth
A luminiscent blanket bathed in silvery spindles of light from the heavens. Misty shimmers casually float skyward, eventually giving way to a pale glow. A familiar face offers comfort from the darkness.
Good bye Try not to cry Long sigh Something shatters inside A new realization The cycle just completed a rotation No intentions Little predictions Sometimes it is a game
emotions meet your demise for it is a poem that looks you in the eye happiness no longer causes madness insanity reality clarity personality no longer cookie cutter
I felt this sadness. Not the kind that makes you cry, and cry for hours; hell maybe cry for days. No, it was the echoing sadness. The kind that somehow gets pushed into the corner unwelcome. This sadness was the haunting kind.
Dear Me, Don't you see your problem is this you can't forget what love is you see him everywhere when y'all speak you can't help but to stare into those eyes you fell anything you would sell
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