Late Night

I wake up in the late night cold,  and my head is reeling

I am not supposed to be here, this is not my home

Like a man with no face, to the patrons I’m a stranger

Unknown to all but one

And as much as I hate to leave her all alone, hastily I run away

After I dive out the second story window


She’s back there watching through that window

Cursing my head that’s always reeling

Wondering why her father scares me away

Somedays I think it might be safer to just spend the whole night at home

But here I am again, a punk kid running down the moonlit street at one

Like a man without his body, to the world I am a stranger


And I would not trade anything for my place as a stranger

I would give anything to rip the hinges off of yet another window

Lord knows I had fun with the last one

I steal so much that it starts my head reeling

Your most prized possessions aren’t safe if you just leave them at home

When you flip the lights on and growl with your shotgun I've already run away


But now there’s talk that they want to send me away

Steal my face and body,in my own hometown turn me into a stranger

They start yelling, and throwing around terms like “ wayward boys home,”

And I’m just thinking about the girl watching out her window

And I’m feeling sorry for how her head starts reeling

And I’m feeling sorry that she isn’t the last one


In a world of awful people I never thought I’d be one

I thought they all existed in some big city far away

Where everyone is angry, and all their heads are reeling

Because you can never be alone, but you're always a stranger

And your view of the world is through a grimy and cracked window

Where you’re always in your house but never in your home


It’s past my curfew and I don’t want to go home

I want to go to stay with the girl, and make her the only one

But I'm afraid it's too late for that, I have missed my window

I was absent too long and now she’s gone away.

Within the finality of her mind, I will be never more than a stranger

I will never be able to shake this reeling


My body isn’t home, and my mind is always away

In my world I am the only one, always a stranger

Stuck behind the frame of a locked up window, my head will not stop reeling.


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