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Who am I without the "mask" I wear, in a world that just sees me as another statistic? Who am I without all the filters? Who I am is defined neither my physical appearence, nor my intelligence, 
Everyday I look into the mirror  a stanger stares back at me if only they could see me clearer and hear my plea The inner me shines through the cracks while trying to act The inner me loves snacks
Deep within myself, Lies a being who'll never change. She'll smile when she's happy, She'll always act her age. She knows exactly who she is, Though may others don't.
The wind of my hair, My hair on my face, My face a tint pink From the weather that does stink. The snow comes down, down upon my feet I look up to the sky knowing I will defeat.
Sometimes the nasty nature
Inner Self, Talented, ways Undefined character Talkative, over thinker Finding me. Find me, The true me, Not the one who others want me to be. Finding me, The true me,
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