Hollowing Inside Me (Part 1)

Sometimes the nasty nature

in me starts to show,

like ink spilling from the corners of my mouth,

secrets spilling out,

wiping the corner of my lips with a napkin,

I scream as I see blood stains upon the

white cloth,

looking up I see this little girl,

so small,

pale skin,

red eyes,


and a sad frown while she holds

a huge butcher knife,

looking at me,

walking across the wooden floor

scraping the butcher knife across the floor,

dragging the blade behind her as she walks to me

with dead eyes,

her pink dress with flowers turns to black

and wilts upon the floor with each step,

as she gets closure she starts to age

and scars start to appear upon her wrist,

her eyes turns shades of blue,

tears flow down her face,

bitterness and regret plays near her,

like a harp,

by the time she reaches me,

I peer up at her,

and realize I am staring back at me,

shocked I could hardly breathe,

nothing stops me from what I am about to do

to feel free,

I take her hand and walk across the wooden floor to

a huge window divided into two,

we stand there,

each on the ledge of a window

peering at the ground,

shaking and crying I turn away but the

other side of me frowns and tugs me back,

without thinking about it once more

we jump out of the window,

feeling the free fall of the wind,

feeling the fear of near death I open my eyes,

waking up from a dream,

but everything is just a dream within a dream,

or so I am told  


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