I listen

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Sometimes we hear things people say, Jumping to conclusions without any way For either of us to clarify or explain, We just assume what we heard was meant to cause pain.  
The mastery of listening is love's cornerstone And in the past year I've heard new things, visited new sites But, perhaps most of all, I have heard poetry- Not just any verse, it's poetry of the people!
Truthful it wasThe dedication I sawWith endless days and endless nightsConsciousness overriding any question of restPassion peered through a coffin of dead eyesUnrested one
I'm a creeper. I listen intently but never join in. I sit in the back so I don't miss anything. I'm invisible. I have a name but don't want you to know it.
I listen to the chuckles, but don’t comply, I listen to you and your hopeless friends pass me by, I listen to the snares and the hate when you all tread my way
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