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There is a simple kind of pain in not falling asleep like a headache in the soul
"I can’t do homework.Now, you probably think I’m wrong, right? You want to make right this wrong in my mind that makes me say… “can’t”. Can’t do this Can’t do that
Wording, words, thinking think-Pulsing backwards, concentration and circulation continuing,   but pulsing is all I feel.Everything turns fuzzy, my mind, my life, my eyes, picturesque moments begin to fog up.
It was Valentine’s Day of 2013 when I began wishing you would vanish into an endless black hole. I lied in a hard hospital bed, with wires protruding from every inch of my body. I cried in pain and in fear of  this unforgiving migraine. I know I w
I saw fateful stars, Not twinkling with lullaby dust, But searing, scorching, bright with meteoric impact. I stumbled into black, a murky, messy plight of blurry edges, hollow words.
The pain in my head runs so fuckin deep
Starting off slowly and just under the radar. Waiting for a chance to strike when least expected. Always trying to outlast medication and shots. Pounding. Searing. Blinding. Stabbing.
I know what this is. This is the hammer you wield Pounding against my head. Though you are no Thor, But rather a monster
There's snot in my nose And a pounding in my head. I don't wanna be at school. I'd much rather be in BED. Teacher, quit your talking, guys, just please shut up! I want my fuzzy blanket,
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