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the sun doesn't greet me every morning sometimes it's the clouds sometimes it's the rain and as much as I wish, sadly never the snow   but regardless of the weather I get up and pull on my sweater
I thrive to succeed, To become someone, To be successful. Everything is earned, Nothing is given. I must work hard every day, So I can live the life I want. Therefore,
We all have our bad days Days when  I feel like transporting to some unknown country Separating myself from everyone and everything
Get up, get dressed, find something to ingest. All I've known, Is waking up alone.   Until there came a moan. Rumbbling deep and course, With heat resinating like a strong force.  
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Why do I do this? Why do I torture myself at the ungodly hour? For them. I don't know who they are But I know who they will be  
Waking up is not fun,Especially if you have to run.Rushing from home to school Does not make me so cool,    Yet going to school will hopefully make me bloom.  
Get on up... it's time to face the day. If I don't, I may miss something that going build me up. The fact is that life is cruel and beautiful at the same time.
SleepA beautiful, relaxing time for my body to repairDreams aplently float in my headYet a cold sensation forces me from slumber Looking about in confusionI find that sweet pup
On a frosty winter morning there’s nothing more comforting than the cozy warmth of my bed, except maybe a cup of coffee.   A cup of coffee made just the way my mother makes it,
The buzz of circular blades, Cry of the time piece, Voice of a feline, And Mother’s melody All pull me from slumber.   The smiles of peers,
I rise up with The sun shining  Brightly on my Face. It's all  Because of the  Man above. Feeling Refreshed and ready To jump for grace. Say my morning  Prayers, because
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