We all have our bad days

Days when  I feel like transporting to some unknown country

Separating myself from everyone and everything

Days where it feel like no matter what I do is not good enough

I’m whole in the morning

But at night

When everyone is through with me

It feels as if I’m grinded up into a million peices

Trying to reach their fine and acceptable expectations

Because if you're like me

You tend to come off as bitter at first

Which causes most people to scrunch up their nose

And empty me out of their life

And that’s okay

Because I know

I know i’m not fit for everyone

Most of those people rather spread tea anyway

Than brew true friendships

This is what my life use to be like

A big hot boiling mess

Until I met my superhero

My Father

My inspiration

My personal motivation


Is so sweet

The opposite of me

Showed me the true meaning of happiness

Happiness is all the small things we take for granted

All the “i love you’s”

Hugs, and morning sugar

And the cream filled days that

Whitened my black days


bad days when my feelings

Felt like it was to hard to swallow

So i lied awake at night thinking about what

was to follow me tomorrow

But he would stay up all night and whisper sweet words of encouragement

Then he would fix me a glass of milk to wash out my sorrows

And in the morning he would make me coffee

We would pretend that night never happened

Because everyday was a new day

And today he’s not here with me

I guess you could say he is my motivation

To keep getting up in the morning

And starting my day

With simply

A coffee

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