Misunderstood Grief

Waking up is not fun,
Especially if you have to run.
Rushing from home to school 
Does not make me so cool, 


Yet going to school will hopefully make me bloom.


People often think that the emotions shown in my face
Are because of potential restless nights.
Without knowing that I am missing those sights
that were once provided to me, and are now out of place.



Yet I wake up for school and see nothing but an empty room.




I wake up everyday hoping to see my dad's good morning.
I wake up everyday hoping that all this pain was only a nightmare,
But sometimes life doesn't give you enough warnings-
I must live up and make sure I don't end up in despair.



Yet I have to go to school and allow time to consume.



Waking up everyday knowing that I will never see my dad's grace
Is the reason for my misunderstood face.
But because of this misunderstood grief 
I will make my dad's aspirations my beliefs.



Yet I must go to school and let people assume.



I will wake up everyday knowing that he will no longer be there,
Maybe not physically, but his presence is indeed in the air.
And for this I will make him proud because I know he is looking at me,
Probably calling me clumpsy little pea.



Yet I have to go to school and make his absence my perfume,



By making sure that his dreams become my dreams, 
And make them my essence.
I will wake up everyday making it each a blessing,
And I will then reach my goals to the extremes.
Because I know my dad will be proud if I accomplish my dreams.


Yet I will wake up for school and let time heal my wounds.



And I will now wake up and go to school making this misunderstood grief,
The tool to follow his beliefs and slowly find relief.
I have been greeting my days instead of my dad,
And I must wake up, finish school and live for my dad. 

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My family
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