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At times I fight my uncontrollable mind that's wise but I don't think on time so I just collect all the words that fall down, but when it's coming around I need to hold sounds like I can't think when I talk I just say I'm out of track and when I f
My mind is going crazy i can't control my thoughts maybe im lazy. some say i'm depressed, but i just think im stressed. stressed from losing the one i love stressed from trying to get back to how things used to be
The tree jumped from San Francisco and landed in a lover's arms I could see the weight of it crushing his bones.
Because I love you. I will admit when I am wrong. Because I love you.. I won't ever do you wrong. Because I love you.. I will build a rapport. Because I love you..
I await in my tower waiting for him Day by day And night by night I wait   I watch the sun rise and the sun set
Paint me a picture of Life, Recite me a soliloquy of Death. What is a lesson without strife, immunity without ill-health. With one there is another, and with it there is the other.
Nothing hurts me more than kids laughing at a seizing girl on the floor.   Nothing is more cruel 
[Freestyle Slam] 7/12/2016 Grave me with the words left unsaid; that drowsy night under the light pole I was waiting for a man who said had loved me.
If there was something I could tell you, I would keep it real. I would tell you this so you would know how I feel
I am writing to let you know you are not alone. No matter how romanticized the rogue in you becomes. For all my wanderlust roving dreams of distance, I am writing in hope you know your heart is not a fight club.
it's just an opinionwho's a princess or notmy vote tips the balanceso give it a shoti see that you're lovelybeyond all comparewith ruby red lipsand long curling hairyou might be a princess
Love is passion. Love is attraction. Love is devotion. Love is a notion that people care for people other than themselves. Love is small. Love is big. Love is humble.
Life is a wonderful gift from God However, it is not always pleasent  Hollywood has brain washed us in thinking there is a"perfect body" if we dont, then we look  ugly   People pointing people laughing
Line after line words become forced to pass the time eyes diolated with dumb ideas brain malfuction it starts to feel steamed Not rhyming is harder than it seemed oops, try that line again
I write for the troubled young boys and girls With shattered dreams And broken homes   Those who depend on the streets to raise them Guns to train them And Friends to tame them  
It's all up to me, every day, every moment. Controlling emotions, or letting them flow in and out. The poems of unheard philosophers and photographers.
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