Just a princess

it's just an opinion
who's a princess or not
my vote tips the balance
so give it a shot
i see that you're lovely
beyond all compare
with ruby red lips
and long curling hair
you might be a princess
so why not just try?
we'll lock you in a tower
you'll look nice when you cry
and if you're a princess
you're in pretty deep
queens all want you dead
or just in endless sleep
but at least you're a princess
with beauty to spare
with shining blue eyes
and long curling hair.
and the years will pass
you'll be all alone
no white knight to save you
no memory of home
but won't it feel good
to be best in the land?
and sing to the birds
if just cuz you can
but even a princess
can get pretty bored
so maybe you'll have fun
and cause a few wars
and no one will blame you
nobody will care
cuz you'll be a princess
with long curling hair
but what about later
when you're still alive?
forever immortal
preserved by your pride
and people forget
your tower and you
no, don't shake your head
you know that it's true
as the years pass
you'll fade out of sight
you say that it's wrong
but feel that it's right
cuz only a princess
can break a man's heart
take hold of a nation
and tear it apart
you know being a princess
is not really fair
cuz we can't all have riches
and long curling hair
but i'll vote in your favor
and hope you're the one
go on, be a princess-
i hope you have fun.



Love this. Awesome poem!

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