' 'fate'

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You learnt to tread  the thread of life, for you knew if you leaned too much
Awareness within Not looking out It begins inside Then pushes its way out Self propriety and self focus Creating yourself isn’t selfish
In the pitch black darkness  I find my light Not one or two or three But many luminescent colors Swirl and morph into shapes and objects Freedom at its finest Inner thoughts emerge
We were different; We were different before paying bills We were different before heartbreak We were different before going out into the world. The world; A matrix of experiences,
When I was a freshman, everybody told me "four years would go by quick" And there I was three years later as a senior deciding on which college to pick
The night we sat under the stars, Away from the light Where the ocean stayed still all around us, We looked up into the full moon.  
Grief befalls thy coated years While we grasp these salted tears Great beyond us, forever near   We see and hear those twisted fears Crying, calling for those thy sweetened chaste 
I never believed in fate Always thought it was fake Till I met her She made me realize that it can be true It's not something people say Finding the one can be true Not just another tale people tell 
To overcome is hard For me, the first step was just the start We were standing about twenty feet apart I started walking up to them and they put up their guard
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