We Were Different

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 15:34 -- iibarra

We were different;

We were different before paying bills

We were different before heartbreak

We were different before going out into the world.

The world;

A matrix of experiences,

Breaking and building our identity,

Chipping and molding our character


We fall, we fail, we fear

We fight, we find, we fulfill

We realize a fall is nothing but a wake-up call

We realize failure is not just the end,

but a fresh step towards success

We realize fear is not the enemy-

Fear is a sincere friend


These are things we overcome as we grow

When life throws us stones,

We use them as stepping stones


With eyes wide open,

I can look beyond the surface

It was a fog in the beginning,

But now I see life’s purpose.


There is no single purpose.

We have our own ambition.

Half the journey is finding it,

The other half is keeping our conviction.


There wasn’t a single moment

Where I thought “Man, I’m grown”.

A multitude of experiences

Let me know we’re on our own.


It’s funny though

How we want to be on our own,

But once we’re there

We start feeling alone


We make plans,

Life laughs in our face

We think we know best

Until we fall flat on our face


The most important thing about growing

Is appreciating how much we change

How life is not constant

But very much strange…


Oh, how different we are-

We are different because we pay bills

We are different because of heartbreak,

We are different because we came out to the world

and are still pulling through

With a smile.

Oh, how beautiful life is.

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Our world


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