Moon Crossed Lovers

The night we sat under the stars,

Away from the light

Where the ocean stayed still all around us,

We looked up into the full moon.


That night we sat on the dock,

Playing music, talking, dancing, laughing, and all of us were happy

While they couldn’t stay quiet and see the beauty that surrounded them,

You and I looked up into the full moon


That night we sat together,

Talking about soulmates,

Pondering true love,

Listening to each other's souls,

We grew close.

I wanted more with you


We just looked into the full moon.


That night I fell for you,

Despite my heart being promised to another.

I know it’ll never happen


Because we looked into the full moon

When I see the moon at it’s fullest,

I think of you,

And the fateful night an innocent teenage girl found her soulmate


Maybe we’ll reunite under the moonlight,

Or maybe the moon will crash into the other.

They appear to be equally likely.


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