Expressing myself

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"I cry salty tears for inside  I am an Ocean. So dark and deep not even monster make a commotion. But if you dare  to take a look you'll surely drown in  all the emotion."  
I am a runaway, Scared to run, but enough strength to leave the place I called home, I can’t remember home. I am a nomad,
i'm not known to be emotional what guy is? that sounds common but a honest question none the less what i had to endure in conveying my true feelings is expressing my emotions
  I always thought I was invincible My heart  a soft core in a shining outer exterior of steel I thought I couldn't be affected by the dramas and complex problems of todays youth
Let me pour out the cries of my heart. Let me write down the tears I hold in. Let me cry out with paper and pen. Let me release the millions of words I restrain!
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