Thu, 11/05/2015 - 22:15 -- Vna012

I am a runaway,

Scared to run, but enough strength to leave the place I called home,

I can’t remember home.

I am a nomad,

Wanting and waiting to see the world around me,

I can’t see the world.

I am child of an immigrant,

Who knows the roads and whispers to the earth,

I can’t understand the language.

I am a musician,

Creating symphonies so the world can listen,

I can’t hear the music.

I am an artist,

Using the colors of the universe at my will,

I can’t capture such beauty.

I am girl who dreams but never sleeps,

Who listens though  never speaks,

Feels but never sees,

Remembers then forgets.

This girl is me.


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