Let Me Write

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 10:45 -- Hadassa


Let me pour out the cries of my heart.

Let me write down the tears I hold in.

Let me cry out with paper and pen.

Let me release the millions of words I restrain!

May I release my pain?

I do not know how to speak; sometimes it’s harder to think.

That’s why I am addicted to processed paper and ink.

It’s difficult to express, to let go of my stress.

Let the ink of my pen be the tears I cry

 Let the words I write down be the emotions I hide

Let me write let me speak with paper and ink

It’s my blessing my curse, one of the treasures I purse.

With my pen I think

With my pen I sing

In writing I dance

In writing I dream.

So, Let me dream, let me sing, Let me write let me be!

For in writing I am and through writing I see this Star, this Naomi, this Prudent, this ME.


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