Education Inequalities

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the first time i heard about you it was like a dream your name sounded so good leaving my mouth "college" but despite everyone saying that you love me  you despise me  a first generation chicana female 
Laughter can be heard through the halls,
Here we gather, for here is where we learn. It is not ideal, yet not due to a lack in dedication. An education is for what we yearn.
  School isn't just for kid's education. It's to take away our liberation. We're supposed to be oh-so-free when we can't even decide who we want to be. They tell us "Be here at eight,or you're going to be late."I thought we were supposed to be abl
When I was ten. Let me tell you about then When I was ten I went to Disneyland and was terrified of Space Mountain and the giant whale I got a puppy Played football with my neighbors Read my first big kid book
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