The Rules of the Schools

  School isn't just for kid's education. It's to take away our liberation. We're supposed to be oh-so-free when we can't even decide who we want to be. They tell us "Be here at eight,or you're going to be late."I thought we were supposed to be able to choose our own fate?"You're supposed to do whatever I say,whenever I say! Okay?!"According to school,we're supposed to live by that motto everyday.I'm so tired of all these teachers thinking they can scream in my ear.It's not like I can't hear?Hold up. It's not like I completely hate school.I just think it's full of a lot of bull.I'm there everydayand I do what they say.I'm not a little rebel.I'm just saying I'm tired of these teachers thinking they're on a higher level.They need to realise that I'm something more than just a pebble.Don't get me wrong,I love most of my teachers and I'm thankful for my education.It makes me proud of who I am and gives me some determination.But I've got an easy life,So I'm only speaking for the kids that go home and watch their dad beat his wife.So when I say this, I'm talking to all of the schools.Maybe you should set down and make EQUAL rules. "The Rules of the Schools"By:Jeremy Bray


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