Ideal Daydreams


Here we gather, for here is where we learn.

It is not ideal, yet not due to a lack in dedication.

An education is for what we yearn.

Hear me out.  Here is my proclamation:


The system is not as it should, but does what it can.

"No child left behind", a cause that is noble yet unwise.

The fast hindered by the slow, is this the plan?

Yes, some may be behind for reasons we cannot find, but there must be compromise.


Each student works at different speeds.

Because of this, we must focus on individual needs.

Even so, we do not have the funds; we simply do not have the sources

To offer to students more specialized courses.


I do what I can, but not as I should.

This school was created for good,

And that is how it will stay.

Still, I cannot shake the feeling that there must be another way.


Aware of problems, I have no solution of my own.

When it comes to problem solving, it is not my turn.

Maybe it is best to rely on what I have known:

Here we gather, for here is where we learn.


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