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I’ll lead you to the pool   Undress you for your somber dive   Bid you prayers and warnings   Love on my breath, our lips   And you dip beneath the stillness   
2016 wasn't a rollercoaster, or a carousel, or a blind leap off of a cliff like they everyone says. This year was an ocean. The year I was born, we started the drive.
Dive, Into each word defining your soul, like a never ending ocean of bliss emotion.   Deep, Dive deep, into yourself, like you are the pacific with unknown depths.   Deeper,
In society people pin themselves in categories Ones that they aspire to be apart of Ones they are apart of And ones that they want people to think they're apart of This causes shame
  I am one with my soul and God Granted my body to be on this world But how can one, be “one” If they are not connected And they are slipping into this cruel Savage beast we call solitary
Oh how I wish that I could stay under the blue and beneath the waves, exploring secrets that remain unseen even by scientists in a submarine.
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