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Dear Helena, My work is incomplete without you. Your minstrel voice which used to sooth is westward now, But I remember the spirit you brought and so do the paitents.
To some, school is a place to socialize and meet new friends, To others, school is a struggle, that often leads to dead ends.   Some have dreams of becoming an actor,
  “I will not numb you” But next thing I knew The needle was in I couldn’t feel my chin!  
My chapped lip is split 
Extractions, fillings, and drillings Placing crowns on pearls Brightening a future Bracing the serpentine white line Cleaning away remnants of the past All just parts of my soon to be dream  
We often loathe the thought of that place, The idea of the buzzing sounds of handpieces, Nearly drives us to outer space, But for me, It is my dream.    The idea that I could permit a change,
Big white and shiny, The tooth glistens in his mouth Waiting for a meal.   A chew so graceful, Helping relieve the hunger So you do not starve.   And now after work
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