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Taking a day's anxiety and turning it into a burning desire by walking into a kitchen and make a flambe with fire.   Turning a day of self doubt into an impeccible entree,
To create something from nothing, Is a skill that I hold, A master chef I will be, Or so I am told, If I were to be left with nothing, I would not want to forget, My extreme love for cooking,
Feeling the flames on the side of my face; Smiling, laughing in this bustling space. I have found where I belong- All hopes are high. Nothing can go wrong. My arm burns from whipping. The eggs froth and foam,
That "Sizzle" you hear coming from the non-stick pan 
I want to prepare entrées from the extravagent porc à la poire, to the simple pâtes avec pain à l'ail; to see your expression when you take that that first bite
One day I will be that A chef One day I'll make it Big   One day I'll go to culinay school One day I'll get my degree   All it takes is one One day
School Lunch  School Lunch to some kids is they only meal for the day  Schools decide to make people pay for school lunch event hough  it should be free.
To become famous is a dream of mine, I've told myself that a couple of times. Being known, Traveling the world, Or to be looked down upon with plenty of stares?
Smooth, wood shelf, open and close Silver, shiny curves, empty dome White powder, packs and flies Pure crystals, numerous and fine Pale yellow, takes a new form Flowing liquid, slowly pour
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