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Divorce is a sinking ship.  The sea parts with crashing waves.  A tsunami of destruction that floods over every part of your life.  Dad..  You left me drowning. 
I could see her face Deep in the storm clouds Smiling at me Saying “Come here,” but how?   I got the crew to safety  Told them to go to their wives But I couldn’t go
The storm was closing in The ship wouldn’t survive The Captain told us to take the lifeboat “Go back home to your wives”   We all piled in But we didn’t want to leave The Captain was adamant
I never knew the path I followed, I never knew how close I'd walk, I never knew my life was broken, I never knew my dad was not Taught me how to be myself, taught me how to read and talk
O Captain my Captain Blue horizon as far as the eye can see Orotund splashing of a joyous dolphin Deep Neptune profoundly advises me   Audacious waves ferociously battle
Wayward students bobbing aimlessly Wanderers, idle, unfocused, undisciplined “heads up keels down; keep your bearing” Vigilant and watchful - ever watchful
I might've not got best dressed, but Lauen Conrad will be my invisible guest in the back of my mind as I sign away scholarships to get me through time. I cheer and I choreoraph for a team so sweet
Oh captain, my captain I'd sail the seas for you. Face every storm, dive in the depths of the blue. Oh captain for you, I'd go down with this ship. Sail forever, until we find bliss. Oh captain...My captain. I'd sell my soul for you.
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