A better Life struggle pain sadness

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You narrowed your mind And it’s such a shame; The wasted potential, The weight of the blame. It lies heavy on your shoulders, On your mind, your heart. It consumes your soul,
A Need to Vent By Elicia A Haney   Anger, pain, emotions that boil inside. Fear, guilt, an animalistic need to hide. No one to hear her shout,
Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla His brain was super large But, when your that smart  You threaten those in charge   He had many inventions That would make your mind bend
Burning Pages Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, It Stands Tall, until it falls down. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Dreams Gone, Tears Fall. Take it all, you take it all From me.
Tick Tock... off goes my clock Wake up, send a text....want to get a bagel? Tick, tock...text me back already, Yes, but your're paying.
My father was a terrorist. He did not wear a turban, nor did he worship Allah, nor was his skin brown like the sun kissed sands of Arabia.
My face, distorted in the sun under my right eye a deep scar remembers the pain of abuse, and the tears he has left me inside I could not cry under this mask, yet I find another route
struggling with souls and flesh keep fuckin tussling ruckus creeps while my peers weep over dead meat someone call nine one one or the elite can't take pressure its gettin to me I am going bazurk shouldn't never left my Band dam I miss my sand
I miss the first times when you were mine and I was yours, When you treated me like a queen and shielded me from harm, But was all that just a game? A way for me to trust you so that manipulation would be easy?
I've jumped into a pool of feelings, and I'm drowning and can't swim back up.
When I have nothing else, and when my life is out of order I hold on fiercely to a simple notion: that I am, and always will be A swirling storm, a blizzard in the heat of summer, of emotion
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