A Need to Vent

A Need to Vent

By Elicia A Haney


Anger, pain, emotions that boil inside.

Fear, guilt, an animalistic need to hide.

No one to hear her shout,

A life more bitter than sour kraut.

Her body is weak, her mind is spent.

She needs to vent.

Write. Write. WRITE.

The abuse was not right.

The test,

It says yes.

She needs to vent.

Everything will be okay

They say.

But the pain… Oh, the pain…

She aches from her toes to her brain.

She needs to vent.

No time to write!

Push! Push with all your might!

Her loves are there to convoy

Then… pure joy.

She writes, and vents, and writes.

Knowing now, that her future is bright.

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