be confident

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As tough as Ice, as passionate as Fire The commitment and Courage is what is admired With Willpower of steel, strength and Might They will not go down without a Fight
Before we started, we were small, not strong The crowd around us said the world was wrong Yet we kept our minds in adventure and lore
Sculpture: You are sculpted so perfectly from start to finish you're my perfect image   Photography: Like a photograph of a rose growing out of concrete
Mirror Mirror on the wall, Why am I not the fairest of them all? Why does my body stretch like a piece of taffy? Why don't I captivate anyone?
Dear Future Self, I want to remind you of a few things, You're a fighter, you can do anything, because your best is enough You're a care giver you care about everyone 
“Because I love you, you should stay.   You should ignore whatever they’ve told you. I love you, don’t listen to them. I know I hurt you.
Once upon a time  My eyes were once again gazing at the sky  And as a bird flew by I recognized, or I thought it could be a sign  In the dark I was flooded with the memories of feeling cowardice and they were hurting me 
I am the shade of brown. No other color can top this beautiful “brown”. No other feeling can be given when it is worn. Worn with pride. Worn with confidence. Worn with a glow.
Do not hide or cry. God has reasons you are you. It's okay, be you.  
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