The Warrior Within

As tough as Ice, as passionate as Fire

The commitment and Courage is what is admired

With Willpower of steel, strength and Might

They will not go down without a Fight

With the great balance from within

Every Battle they will win

For honor, they say, is their reward

That makes them worthy to hold their sword

Protecting what they love, and following what is right

They hold their great shields Tight

Now these warriors you hear Legends of and see

Are no different from you and me

But the Legendary Choice that sets them apart

Is that they fuel their inner spark

This is what gives them the energy they need

That allows them to triumph and truly succeed

So when you realize that Life is so much More

Inside, your mind will open a door

And the spark will show you that your power is True

For you have just woken the Warrior Within you!


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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